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The Open Delta Group uses a combination of real world experience and formal training that speak to the human side of your team. We offer in-person trainings, retreats, online webinars, and executive coaching for employees.

We specialize in working within organizations that may be experiencing disruptive transitions, leadership gaps, and growing pains.

We work with employees that are not showing up as their best self.

Employees looking to grow into new positions.

Leaders looking to connect and bring out the best in their teams and themselves. We develop internal mentoring programs for underrepresented emerging leaders in their fields.

We customize team learning opportunities; from 1-hour webinars to full day retreats.

We offer trainings on:

  • Moving a Team through Change with Clarity and Courage
  • Remote Workplaces: Best Practices for Cohesion and Growth
  • Crisis and Conflict: Leading with Compassion and Integrity Through Change
  • Grit & Resilience: Increase Your Team’s Confidence To Do The Hard Things
  • Feedback: Giving and Receiving Information that Matters
  • Getting Out of Your Own Way and Into the Correct Lane
  • Inspiring Workplaces: Create and Keep the Team You Want
  • Conflict And Tough Conversations: Run Towards the Discomfort
  • Silos and Connection: Building A Cohesive Culture
  • Strategic Planning: Get Out The Map
  • Wholehearted Leadership: Bringing your Whole Self to Work
  • Writing your Leadership Contract
  • Understanding Motivation
  • Creating a Culture For the Middle Manager.

We are here to support you and your team.

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