The Codependent Feminist

A blog of what I talk about in my head all day

That Time I Wrote About My Labia

Sitting is hard these days. Last week, I had laser ablation surgery on half of my labia and perineum. Yup ...
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We Are All We Will Ever Need

There are countless ways to show up for people, to create and facilitate experiences for people to celebrate, to grieve, ...
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The Resilient Heart

We just keep diving in... When my friend Susie asked me to officiate her wedding, I was joyfully surprised by ...
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The Genesis of Clarity and Courage

Clarity and Courage. The two words that I clung to when I felt like life had snapped all lines to ...
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What do you really do?

Do you want to know what I do all day as a coach? My parents do too. So this is ...
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