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Our clients are the experts on their experiences and strengths.

Our role is to ask ambitious questions, uncover new opportunities, challenge false truths, and hold our partners accountable to their definition of success.

What to Expect

Complimentary Coaching Session

Individual Coaching Packages

So, what exactly does a coach “do”?

The Open Delta Group uses Clarity and Courage to connect clients to their Purpose and People.

Achieving clarity means getting laser-focused on what you actually want – the things you may be too scared to admit even to yourself. We have refined this process to get you to clarity quickly. We chip away at all those beliefs that have held you back and get you to a  new and illuminating place. We map out how you want to feel; in your life, in your body; in relationships; in work. Then we take those feelings and back into how you will feel that way, more hours of your day, more days of your life. 

Then comes courage, clarity’s vehicle toward sustainable change.

Once you get really clear on what you want (what you really want), we become strategic planners. We identify the fear, name it, give it shape, and then sit it’s tenacious, hairy butt in the backseat. Because fear can come along, but it no longer will drive the bus. We identify allies and sinkholes. We build your bench of people that are your people. We talk about opportunities that have been waiting for a long time to be talked about. We partner, but you own the process. You do the work. You put in what you want out.

We keep you accountable. We pull out themes and threads and weave them for you to look at closely, with compassion and new a set of lenses. We challenge your truths. We will for sure make you laugh and most likely make you cry. And when you are ready, and you will be, we will break up.

We coach people who are ready for more.

I have been coaching throughout my entire career and am a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) as well as an Energy Leadership Index, Master Practioner (ELI-MP) through iPEC, a comprehensive, accredited coaching program. 

I coach clients all over the country. All sessions are done over the phone. A session lasts 45 minutes. I offer assessments and take-home exercises to help clients dig even deeper. Many employers will cover the cost of coaching under professional development initiatives. I offer individual coaching as well as small group offerings. 

What To Expect

You have the answers. I have the questions.

My goal for you is for you to outgrow our relationship. That may take 6 months or 3 years, but you will. And I will be your biggest fan for life.

By the end of our engagement, you’ll be able to:
• Clearly articulate what you want and need.
• Pay attention to yourself and your must-haves.
• Do the things you say you’re going to do.
• Take action towards what really matters to you personally and professionally.

A coach is not a paid best friend. A coach is not a licensed therapist.

A coach will:

  • Listen deeply.
  • Ask thoughtful questions.
  • Give you homework, the kind you want.
  • Help you notice limiting beliefs.
  • Offer authentic feedback and encouragement.
  • Help you articulate your goals in ways you can digest.
  • Remind you of your limitless potential and capacity.
  • Hold you accountable.
  • Give you referrals to other professionals, such as a therapist, to help you go deeper.
  • Not do the work for you. You drive the entire process.

Change doesn’t happen instantly. It takes time. Some sessions may feel like a lot of foundational work and not a lot of forward-momentum. These may be the most important sessions. I offer various ways for us to partner.

Complimentary Strategy Session

Why Coaching? Why Me? Why Now?

Let’s talk through the “whys” and find out if we are a good fit. This is ZERO pressure. It never makes sense to “sell” coaching. If you want a coach, you want a coach. You will be leading this charge, so it only makes sense you are ready to move forward. That might be now. It might not be. Regardless, I would love to talk to you.

Individual Coaching Packages


This package is for those new to coaching and includes the following:

  • Six, 45-minute private coaching sessions (typically scheduled each week or every other week)
  • Tailor-designed tools and exercises in between sessions


This package is a longer coaching engagement and commitment that includes the following:

  • 10, 45-minute private coaching sessions
  • Five “911” texts/emails in between sessions
  • Tailor-designed tools and resources


This package is a deeper coaching engagement and commitment that includes the following:

  • 16, 45-minute private coaching sessions
  • Ten “911” texts/emails in between sessions
  • Tailor-designed tools and resources

Conscious Courage

This package is the most extensive coaching engagement and commitment that we offer. We only accept 6 clients a year for this package to allow adequate time and attention for these clients.

This commitment includes the following:

  • 24, 45-minute private coaching sessions
  • Unlimited “911” texts/emails in between sessions
  • Tailor-designed tools and resources

*We offer discounts for returning clients, referrals as well as upfront payments*

Contact us for availability and rates.

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