We Are All We Will Ever Need

There are countless ways to show up for people, to create and facilitate experiences for people to celebrate, to grieve, to welcome and to let go. Transitions, rituals, ceremonies are both personal and communal.

Religious folks have this experience. There are Communions, and Ramadan and Christenings. There is Passover, Bar Mitzvahs, and Easter. When you don’t subscribe to organized religion, you are left missing that moment of acknowledgment, letting go, or celebration. Religion doesn’t have a monopoly on these moments in time, these are human moments.

I am now working with clients to develop secular ceremonies to allow a person to take the emotions, the joy, the grief, the excitement, or fear and place it somewhere where others can see it, hold it. Each ceremony will draw from each individual person. It allows a person to be seen and see others. It’s the most human experience of connection.

We can honor new babies, divorce, blending families, family reunions, moon cycles, postpartum, a girl’s first period, or a milestone birthday. I am offering celebrations to validate events people would typically hide or not discuss. Divorce, miscarriage, abortion, death. These moments are too heavy to carry alone. By providing a way to validate and witness the human experience, people are taught how to support –  people heal, people move forward.

We can do anything we want – we are writing the rules. We can invite whomever and sing whatever. We can bring in tarot readers or energy healers. We can hire poets or musicians. We can bury things or burn things. We can host a parade or sit quietly together. We can hold hands or stand shoulder to shoulder. We can eat and drink or sit in silence.

Let’s talk about your human experiences and how you want to show up. I am here when you are ready, maryellen@opendeltagroup.com.

We are each other’s ritual safe keepers. We are all we will ever need.

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