The Genesis of Clarity and Courage

Clarity and Courage.

The two words that I clung to when I felt like life had snapped all lines to shore and I was drifting, rudderless. From the outside, it all seemed pretty normal looking. I had a husband, two kids, a rescue dog and was running a nonprofit that I adored. The inside felt so foreign from the outside. Like there wasn’t even a bridge connecting the two sides. I know I am not alone when I describe this detachment, it is not an isolated life experience. And it wasn’t an intentional deception to my friends and family. It just felt too scary to look at straight-on, and I thought if I did, it might swallow me whole.

Clarity and Courage.

I sat on a small loveseat on December 31, 2016 repeating those words. I don’t know how I came up with it. I didn’t even know what I wanted, what I could do to find something that felt better than at that moment. I was living an untapped life.

Three months later, I was moving out to my own place, moving forward with a divorce that was necessary and soul-gutting. Four months after that, I left my CEO position to start my own consulting and coaching firm.

Clarity and Courage.

The unraveling happens fast and seems almost easy in hindsight. The rebuilding is the hard part. I took this small sharp paring knife to my world and slowly started to cut away anything that wasn’t serving me, the overwhelming underwhelm. I didn’t have clarity on actual career ideas or what I wanted in my next relationship, but I knew the parts that were not working and I intentionally cut those out. I felt equal parts grief and elation. I was so light yet terrified. I kept consulting, trying on work opportunities like clothes. What felt good? What projects made me feel alive? What people did I gravitate towards? I did the same with men (more details for a totally different post). I took pages and pages of field notes on dating and working. I carried a small notebook with me everywhere. I would come home and jot down my observations:

I took the experience of the past 18 months and decided that was what I wanted to do for income. I want to take all those feelings and turn them into a career. A real career that is abundant and creative and fulfilling. So, here we are. I am a coach. It took me that long to say it out loud. I am a coach. Maybe I should call myself a clarity coach. I once told someone I was a “what the fuck” I coach because my clients find me when they have said, “what the fuck” in their heads one too many times. I work with people who are sitting there knowing that something has got to give. Something has to change. Their narrative that is not serving them anymore.

Clarity and Courage.

I help women find clarity of vision and the courage to get there. I listen. I am the person you can whisper your biggest most audacious goals to. I won’t tell a single soul that you want to be a professional opera singer or a stay-at-home mom, until you ready to tell them yourself. I will hear you. I will push you. You do the work, I do the asking. I do the cheering, the homework-giving, the holding you accountable until you are selling out the Lyric or wiping snot off of faces. Your dreams are worthy of the light of day. Mine were too.

Find out more about me and how you get closer to your clarity and courage here.

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  1. This is a truly inspirational tapestry of how you discovered your purpose. Thank you for practically illustrating your continous journey of discovery. Its encouraging to know that our gifts will make room for us.

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