What do you really do?

Do you want to know what I do all day as a coach? My parents do too. So this is a twofer.

The most simplistic version is this: I call you on a video conference line. You make sure you have clothes on. You set the agenda. I ask juicy questions. You talk. I listen. You get quiet and reflect. I make sure the call wasn’t dropped. We laugh. I give you some challenging  homework and watch the rebuild begin.

Simple but still not super clear. Why pay someone to do this every week?

Women find me because they need to change something. They need clarity. They need to make a decision. They know something’s gotta give. Or something has given and they are left standing in the middle of it.

The rebuild happens in two distinct phases: Clarity and Courage.

Achieving clarity means getting laser-focused on what you actually want – the things you are too scared to admit even to yourself. I refine this gorgeous transformative process to get you to clarity quickly. We chip away at all those beliefs that have held you back and get you to a  new and illuminating place. We map out how you want to feel; in your life, in your body; in relationships; in work. Then we take those feelings and back into how you will feel that way, more hours of your day, more days of your life. The clinical term is “back that ass right up”.

Then comes courage, clarity’s vehicle toward sustainable change.

Once you get really clear on what you want (what you really want), we become strategic transformers. We identify the fear, name it, give it shape, and then sit it’s tenacious, hairy butt in the backseat. Because fear can come along, but it no longer will drive the bus. We identify allies and sinkholes. We build your bench of people that are your people. We talk about opportunities that have been waiting for a long time to be talked about. We partner, but you own the process. You do the work. You put in what you want out.

I keep you accountable. I pull out themes and threads and weave them for you to look at closely, with compassion and new a set of lenses. I challenge your truths. I will for sure make you laugh and most likely make you cry. And when you are ready, and you will be, you and I will break up.

What makes this work is that I have half a CEO brain and half warrior woman brain and I only work with women that want to do the work. I also have my own coach (in fact I have two). I don’t sell coaching. I only coach those who are ready to be coached. Sometimes people need a therapist before they are ready. Sometimes they need more discomfort. Most of the time they just need to believe they are worth the time and energy. And those women are my clients.

I offer complimentary 30-minute coaching consultations for anyone wanting more information. Mom, you can just call, no need to schedule.


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