The Why

Coaching & Consulting to Move You Forward

Our communities and workplaces need people who are grounded in purpose; people that are ready to show up with integrity, courage and authenticity.

When we show up, really show up, the ripple effect is transformative. Our families thrive, our work improves and we feel grounded in purpose.

We know our clients are the experts on their experiences and strengths. Our role is to ask ambitious questions, uncover new opportunities, challenge false truths, and hold our partners accountable to their definition of success.


“Thank you so much for yesterday’s webinar. It was by far one the best one since all this madness started. It helped give me some guidance, pause to rethink things, and made me laugh. I look forward to getting the link to the video. I would strongly encourage more like it in the near future”.

“I had a blast listening to your presentation. You are so natural. And I almost feel like, together, we could yap for hours (I’ve been called “chatty” on occasion). I did laugh out loud at a couple of your self-deprecating and off-the-cuff remarks. Overall, you interject just the right touch of humanity into the presentation”

Mary Ellen, in her women’s wealth mastermind group, really helped me examine some long-standing (and non-useful) limiting beliefs I had been holding about money and what it means to earn and keep it. Her empathetic, conversational, easygoing nature really helped me feel a part of the group coaching sessions,  she kept us on agenda and is great at hearing from everyone, and it is obvious she really cares about her clients’ well-being.

Wealth Advisory Coaching Circle Participant

Mary Ellen’s positive energy is contagious and motivating. She has helped guide me onto a very purposeful and meaningful path both personally and professionally. Although I set my own agenda, she has asked tough questions and has helped me to understand my strengths.


As I embark on a new career path, Mary Ellen has helped me focus on future goals by allowing me to build from my past experiences but not allowing my past to dictate my future.  She has helped me see the value in all things that I do and work toward. I look forward to continuing on this path and I know she will always be there as a support if needed.

Coaching Client Jan 2019
I worked with Mary Ellen for only a short time but I feel that time was some of the most productive and insightful time I’ve spent with anyone. Her style is both empathetic and merciless (in the best possible way), full of energy and also full of peaceful reflection. She shares compassion for you and your life while also holding you accountable. She has a unique gift to understand the kind of person you are and even look beyond that to see things about yourself you probably didn’t even know. And that was all within the first 45 minutes of meeting her over the phone.
Through Mary Ellen’s coaching, I’ve been able to refocus my overly busy life, pick up pieces I never thought I could, and move forward in a way that was uncomfortable but necessary. She was a guiding light when I needed one and I know she can be that for you too.
James S, Coaching Client 2019

“Mary Ellen’s vision and coaching are exactly what I have been looking for: honest, bold, challenging and energizing. She has a talent for inspiring big thinking paired with an ear for detail. Before each session, I’m tasked with an activity or “homework” that opens the door for digging into my goals, values, and habits. During our sessions she then listens to my reflections, helps me draw connections, and asks questions that truly help me see a pathway to grow in my personal and professional life”-K.C, Coaching Client

Individual Coaching Client

Sitting at my desk today overwhelmed with gratitude for your help with this process of dream alignment and self-assurance building

Individual Coaching Client

Mary Ellen is able to see the big vision and was able to keep me focused on the goals we identified in the beginning. She was so encouraging and her confidence was contagious. I don’t feel stuck anymore. I am ready to start looking forward

Individual Coaching Client

Mary Ellen is fun to work with and keeps those around her engaged in the process. She is a leader in her field, up-to-date on best practices and brought that knowledge to our staff. We were left feeling better equipped to do our job more efficiently and with a positive attitude. Our team dynamic improved dramatically, turn over greatly decreased and people liked coming to work.

Catherine Aranas
Assistant Director
Neumann Family Services/Envision Unlimited

It was pretty clear from the beginning that our agency would benefit from working with Mary Ellen.  She was instrumental in assisting with the merge of two social service agencies and the transition to a new satellite center.  Her tenacity, guidance, and eye for detail really helped steer us in the right direction.

Jessica Krock
Assistant Director
Neumann Family Services/Envision Unlimited

Mary Ellen and the Open Delta Group was instrumental in the launch of our new mental health satellite center. She was a dynamic and consistent presence for our agency during that time of transition and growth. She demonstrated leadership that was both empathetic and empowering for our staff. She clearly articulated the goals and delivered reports on time. She embodies a strong work ethic and enthusiastic demeanor

Jean Xoubi
Senior Vice President
Envision Unlimited